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We started our research today for presentations on Oct.10

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Wouldn’t it be great if they’d all take the stairs

I was introduced to this video near the end of summer and while watching it began thinking about it’s connections to education and learning:

I’ve found that students prefer taking the escalator as well. They seem to be happy with the simple process involved in content learning, such as: listening to lectures, note taking and simple Q&A from the text. It’s all dull work for the most part and I would suggest too simple. Content learning and regurgitaion of that content is the educational equivalent to taking the escalator; it’s quick and easier, but lacks the long term benefits associated with taking the stairs.

I think our goal as educators, should be to encourage all students to take the stairs. Although this requires more effort, the long term benefits should make the decision to do so worthwhile.

What is the educational equivalent to taking the stairs? In my opinion, this would include the higher level thinking processes, creative work, collaborative work all of which would be geared towards students creating their own knowledge and understanding instead of relying on a teacher to impart it upon them. In this scenario, the classroom becomes a workshop where students learn to use a variety of tools to build their own knowledge and, thus, assume responsibility for their own education.

How to get students to buy into the fact that taking the stairs is better is the challenge. I’m left wondering what the educational equivalent of the piano would be.

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