25 Apr

Choose either A or B. Write a position statement (aka a thesis) in which you state your opinion about the statement. How true is it? Complete the T-chart that follows to show what reasons and evidence you would use to support your position, while keeping in mind alternate arguments.

 A)    In the second half of the twentieth century, Canada proved to be a fully mature and influential nation in global affairs. Evaluate this statement. (In simpler terms, how accurate do you feel this statement to be?) Support your answer with details about Canada’s foreign policy and international involvement between 1945-2000.

B)    By building a truly just society, this beautiful, rich and energetic country of ours can become a model in which every citizen will enjoy his fundamental rights, in which two great linguistic communities and people of many cultures will live in harmony, and in which every individual will find fulfillment.     (Trudeau April 6, 1968 .)   To what extent did Canada achieve Trudeau’s vision? Use information relating to society, Quebec, First Nations, immigration and multiculturalism to support your position.


Position statement:
Reasons and evidence supporting in support Reasons and evidence refuting the statement.


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