Unit rubric

Confederation Assessment grid

Why Confederation? Was it inevitable? Was it the best or even the only option? Why? 

Why Confederation flow chart with pages 172-178 in McGrawHill Chapter PDF: This reading can also help you complete the balance sheet if you weren’t in class – see pages 182-183 in the reading. This was not used in class but can help.

The Process of Confederation: Was it more deal than ideal?

Colonial Perspectives

Readings for each colony:

canada-east canada-west new-brunswick newfoundland nova-scotia pei

confed-balance-sheet: This was completed doing a gallery walk in class time

confed achieved


Confederation and Political Cartoons


team-game-tourney-confederation: used in class to review


Videos links:

Historica Minute on John A and his vision for Confederation

George Etienne Cartier and the Confederation Deal

Both of the above videos are useful as an intro to the question about Confederation being more deal than ideal


Other variations / project alternatives:

confederation newspaper


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