The “Roaring Twenties”

 “It was an era of new prosperity…. A social and cultural revolution was evident in the new clothing styles, changes in mass entertainment, growth of spectator sports, increasing leisure, and mobility… Canada was evolving towards political independence….

 Yet the twenties was also a decade of trouble and contradiction. The prosperity was not shared by all….Immigrants continued to come [and] found unexpected prejudices….Differences in attitudes and values developed between young and old… [and] youth responded to the new industrial culture brought to them by advertising, radio, jazz, films, and the automobile.”

 In short, for many the decade offered cause for celebration. For others, the “Roaring Twenties” would not live up to the hype.

Introduction to the era: The Confident Years

Complete the above sheet using the Canadiana Scrapbook  which you can access here:

CANADA’S DIAMOND JUBILEE EXPO 2013 powerpoint used in class. Provides visuals and key ideas / events and people to include in your research.

Winnipeg strike cause and effect

1920s unit worksheets

Diamond Jubilee Final Challenge Expo version

Diamond Jubilee headlines with old textbook

Useful links and videos:

For a simple overview and short video about the era:

Heritage minute on the Persons Case:

NFB Documentary that presents an “overview of the events that marked Canada between 1918 and 1927. Beginning with the Armistice of 1918, the film ends at the height of the great economic boom of the late 1920s. In between, the film shows the manners, morals and customs of the period, and evidence of Canada’s growing nationalism”:

NFB Documentary presents “an overview of the events that marked Canada between 1927 and 1934. It shows a confident and prosperous Canada expanding in all directions until the stock market crash of 1929. Despite it all, Canada maintains an optimistic outlook. The period is witness to bargains by mail order, extremes in women’s fashions, political seesawing, hockey broadcasts by a very youthful Foster Hewitt, and the word “quintuplets” in every headline.”

Fun video highlighting the changing attitudes of women and the new flapper culture (Source unknown):



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