Road to Responsible Government

This unit focuses on the political and economic developments in the colonies that would eventually lead to the establishment of the first responsible government in the BNA.

Road to responsible government rubric

Introductory Powerpoint: The 1837 Rebellions according to Ferguson


Grievances in Upper Canada and Lower Canada

understanding-cause: Ppt designed to help students elaborate on ideas and explain causes of an event and leads into the protest sign assignment.

occupy-1837 This piece is now a bit dated, but the idea within can be adapted to reflect more current political protests such as the Women’s March or other anti-Trump rallies. Students demonstrate their understanding of conditions that led to the rebellions through the creation of protest signs. Cue cards and stir sticks work great as supplies for this activity which can then be displayed on a bulletin board.


Events of the Rebellions

were pains worth the gains: Explores consequences of the rebellions

tc2_rebellions: Reading to go with pains worth gains activity.

Paragraph response questions for end of rebellions

Alternate assignments, organisers and materials for rebellions:



rebnref-video-notes: to accompany a viewing of Canada: a People’s History segments


Road to Responsible Government: 

achieved or awarded bullseye


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