Canada Post WWII

This unit examines the economic, social and political developments, both domestic and international, that influenced Canada in the period 1945-1990.

Focus Question: To what extent should Canada be defined as a “mature” nation?

Part 1: Domestic Canada 1945-1967:

changing-society individual response

changing-society in class expert group sheet

changing society idea diagram

trudeau v. mulroney

Canada / U.S. Relations. The following four links are all from the documentary “In Bed With an Elephant”.

In bed with an elephant notes chart

Video clips

Trudeaumania and his vision of a “Just Society”: Just society

Comparing PMs: Trudeau, Mulroney and Chretien

Part 2: Canada and the Cold War

In class PPT: Canada and the Cold War

Canada and the Beginning of the Cold War

Canada and the World Stage After WWII: Paragraph

hot spots and issues

Hot Spots info sheets

Cold War ends


Unit assessments:

outline Chapter 6,7, test 2017

cold war test idea diagram

maturity report card


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