Government Unit

The central question in this unit is: How healthy is Canada’s Democracy?

Government in Canada Video Questions

Government in Canada answer key

The assignments that you’ve completed along the way are:

  1. A Guide to Government PMI use pages 301-307 and 310-311
  2. Political spectrum isms and you
  3. Getting to know your political parties
  4. Choosing government PMI
  5. Election Curiosities (Uses old textbook)
  6. First Past the Post Fact vs PR showdown and letter (Don’t do letter)
  7. Comparing Mechanisms
  8. Legislative Process (Uses old textbook)
    1. bill to law reading 1
    2. bill to law reading 2
    3. bill to law reading 3

Online Resources:

From the Globe and Mail regarding First-Past-the-Post and the 2015 Federal election (Useful for pros and cons of FPTP):

Test outline

Final assessment: You will be required to complete a “Health-o-metre”. This challenge will ask you to assess the level of health for each of the indicators listed in your Indicator handout and justify your assessment with evidence drawn from the unit.

The UNIT RUBRIC will be used as the assessment tool for this chapter. Staple all work completed to the rubric for evaluation purposes.


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