World War I

AIf you’ve missed any of the work in class, here are some of the worksheets/assignments that we’ve used.

WW I Portfolio rubric


mania: Demonstrate understanding of the background to World War I.

canada-responds-wwi: How did Canada get involved and how did we respond and prepare?

in-the-trenches-and-on-the-battlefield: Understanding conditions in the trenches and Canada’s contributions on the battlefield.

Access the Canadiana Scrapbook book here:

air-sea-and-beyond: Understanding the impact of technology on the war as well as Canada’s contributions in the air, at sea and in the final days of war. This also includes Canada’s involvement in post-war peace processes.

impact-of-the-war: Using stations, demonstrate understanding of how the war impacted the home front and what legacy it left.


Impacts of WWI in Poltical Cartoons including essay writing tips

Team Game Tourney WWI

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