World War II

World War I was said to be the war to end all wars. So why is there another massive conflict only 20 years later?

Use the handout Causes Bullseye to help you investigate the causes of the Second World War:

  • Research each of the topics listed on the sheet and take notes on how each played contributing role in the outbreak of war in 1939.
  • Once all research is finished, complete the bullseye by marking it with letters A-F. The closer to the centre you place the letter, the more of a role you feel that it played in the outbreak of the war.
  • Be prepared to defend your arguments

How did Canada respond? Worksheet: Canada declares and mobilizes for war

How did Canada participate in the war effort?

a. Early Battles

b. In the air and at sea

c. The Tide Turns: Battles of the Second World War 1943-1945

d. We watched and discussed a video on the Holocaust and completed the following response: Responding to the Holocaust video

The video can be watched in 8 parts online at:


e. Jigsaw activity on the impact of the war on the home front and the overall legacy of WWII on Canada. Use the following PMI chart to organize details about the effects of the war on the home front and the legacy of WWII:

Impact pros and cons organizer

Experts used sections from the following readings to complete their sections: readings for WWII homefront 2018

Additional readings that you may wish to use:

Legacy Doc1

Legacy Doc2

Legacy Doc3

Unit test outline 2016

Team Game Tourney WWII

Begbie history contest WWII resources:


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